Base Games v1.5
Posted by AlexALX on 20.10.2009 16:42
Released new version of Base Games v1.5.

The list of changes read the extended news.
Extended News
Released new version of Base Games v1.5.

20.10.09 - Now the script is completely free and open source (except core.php).
20.10.09 - Bit accelerated script work, as well as slightly reduced load on the server, optimized code.
20.10.09 - Adapted for php-fusion v7.00 (BETA testing).
19.10.09 - Ability to enable/disable links in navigation of the games.
19.10.09 - Fixed many bugs.
18.10.09 - Added print version of pages/cheats/passage/advices and tactics.
18.10.09 - Ability to add links to noindex and/or a redirect script.